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MEDINA WORKS is a boutique sustainability consultancy with a regional reach in the Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa. Through our devoted core team and our network of collaborators and partners, we provide a wide range of services & programs to accelerate urban wellbeing for people and the planet. Our project portfolio leverages two key enablers for impact: the physical city and its metabolism [MEDINA] and the city’s civic, economic and cultural engines [WORKS].

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  • Rym Baouendi

    Rym Baouendi

    Founder & Managing Director

    Rym is a sustainability consultant and an impact entrepreneur with over twelve years of experience in the fields of urban sustainability and social innovation. She worked on a range of projects globally and in the Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa with focus on policies, design & planning, capacity building and social innovation.

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    تختار البلد على ناسها أو حيطانها [One chooses a city for its walls or its people] as the saying goes. At Medina Works we choose to influence both in order to accelerate urban wellbeing for people and the planet.

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