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Plan 2040 Sustainability Framework – Fujairah


Bringing sustainability at the heart of Fujairah’s 2040 strategic masterplan.

The Fujairah 2040 master plan sets the vision and framework for growth and development of the Emirate of Fujairah until 2040. Fujairah Municipality initiated this project as the Emirate was facing an unprecedented level of growth against a backdrop of geopolitical interest in the region, a growing role as a key member of the UAE and increasing environmental stresses.

Medina Works developed –in partnership with planning firm Ramboll- the sustainability framework as part of Plan 2040 in partnership with Ramboll. The Framework sets the sustainability vision for the Emirate and overarching goals around five key sustainable development catalysts: The Natural and Cultural Environment, Climate Change, the Built Environment, People and Community and Consumption and Production. The plan also defines key performance indicators to guide the development of policies, programs and projects in the Emirate.